7MS #403: 7MOOMAMA - Juice Shop Song + Backdoors and Breaches Jingle

Mar 9, 20208 minutes

Today's slightly off-topic episode kicks off a new tag called 7MOOMAMA. That stands for 7 Minutes of Only Music and Miscellaneous Awesomeness.

To kick things off, I'm super excited to share with you two new security-themed songs for some of my favorite security things! They are:


Backdoors and Breaches

Backdoors and Breaches
I love the way teaches me to think about security controls
And their proper placement

Backdoors and Breaches
I can’t wait to blow my paycheck just to get myself a game deck and then move
Out of my mother’s basement

Soon I’ll be sittin’ down and playing it with my red and blue teams
Or John and gang at Black Hills Info Security
And when I go to bed tonight I know what’s gonna fill my dreams
Backdoors and Breaches

Juice Shop

When you want to shop online then you had better be sure
The experience is safe and also secure
Don't want to let no SQLi or cross-site scripting ruin your day
No, you want to break into a joyous song and say:

Juice Shop! Juice Shop!
You can order tasty beverages in any quantity
Juice Shop! Juice Shop!
Just don't test the site with Burp Suite or you won't like what you see

Now if you're feeling kinda sneaky and you're inclined to explore
You might find inside the Juice Shop...a hidden score board
It will point you towards a vuln'rability or maybe two
And when you're done you'll say, "This site should get a code review!"

Juice Shop! Juice Shop!
It has got more holes then a warehouse filled with gallons of Swiss cheese
Juice Shop! Juice Shop!

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